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Tranquil London areas

By rentonomy on April 14, 2017

Thoughts of London conjure up an image of a vibrant city that is always on the go. From the millions that ascend on the city centre to the busy roads all over the capital, it can be hard to find a moment’s peace. But there happens to be a more relaxed and tranquil side to…


Rover, Felix and Penelope (look, we know a few people who have called their cat Penelope. Don’t judge) all need somewhere to live too, right? In fact, 12-million households across the UK have pets, which is about 46% of all homes. That’s an astounding figure, particularly since it seems that most of London’s rental properties on…


7 areas defining South London

By rentonomy on March 31, 2017

South London, or Saaaf London as it’s sometimes referred to by locals, is a charming part of the capital often overlooked because of a perceived lack of transport options. While a dearth of connectivity might have been an issue in the past, today there are plenty of transport links in towns south of the river….


Five of London’s best gastropubs

By rentonomy on March 29, 2017

Please, allow us to set the scene for you: it’s a Sunday afternoon, most likely a lazy one, the weather’s mild and the sun is out. You’re feeling peckish, and the thought of some triple cooked chips and bread dipped in oil seems extra appealing. The question is: where do you go? Fear not because…


London rental areas: Dulwich

By rentonomy on March 22, 2017

The first time you set foot in Dulwich Village, it’s likely you’ll have to pull out Google Maps just to make sure you are in fact still in London. The SE21 postcode apparently misread the guidelines for what a London town should look like, winning many admirers with its cosy cottages, tree-lined streets and village-y…


Studio lovin’: A guide to studio flats in London

By rentonomy on February 17, 2017

London is one of the most exciting and sought-after cities in the world. There is 24/7 entertainment, a splendid mix of old and new, and an abundance of architectural delights on offer. All these goodies mean that living in the capital comes at a premium: the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment can be anywhere between £1,200 and…

Aerial view of the Olympic Park looking south west towards London. Picture taken on 16 April 2012.

London rental areas: Stratford

By rentonomy on January 30, 2017

If ever there was one town that personified the word ‘regeneration’, we would be willing to bet that it would be the east London area of Stratford. Almost five years after hosting the 2012 Olympics, Stratford is flourishing, gaining a status as one of the most exciting places to live in London. This E15 postcode is home…


Christmas in London

By rentonomy on December 20, 2016

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and there aren’t too many places jollier than London. Ok, so we might not get a white Christmas, but there are so many things to do and see during the season of Santa, we imagine snow will be the last thing on your mind. So, sit back, get merry…


An alternative guide to your first week in London

By rentonomy on December 14, 2016

We know the deal: you’ve just moved to England’s capital, and you’re excited to see and do all the tourist attractions that make London so popular. A visit to Buckingham Palace, a look around the Tower of London and perhaps a spot of retail therapy on Oxford Street. While the temptation to spend your first…


7 areas defining East London

By rentonomy on November 29, 2016

We recently covered seven areas defining north London, and now we’re turning our attention to seven areas to keep an eye on in East London. Over the last 10 years, east London has experienced a real boom in popularity. Canary Wharf is a popular residential hotspot, the City has some of the most expensive places to rent…