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7 awesome burger restaurants in south London

Burgers and south London share something in common: they have both significantly risen in popularity over the last few years. South London has seen more people renting property there, while the number of burger restaurants popping up is higher than ever.

As today is of course National Burger Day, we thought we would present to you a selection of burger hotspots ‘down south’. So sit back, get your relish out and read on to see which burger joints made our prime cut.

1. Five Guys, Wimbledon and Putney 

Five Guys started way back in 1986, originating from Virginia, USA. Now internationally known, the restaurant manages to combine delicious delights with a quick service. And just in case you don’t have the patience to wait a few minutes for your food, they even hand out free peanuts while you’re in the queue.

There’s nothing fancy about Five Guys: the menu is a burger, with added bacon and cheese, and fries. But what a burger and fries they deliver. Oh, and let’s not forget the splendid refill drinks machine that gives you more variations of Cola than you thought was possible.

2. Meat and Shake, Tooting Bec 

Meat and Shake take the simple burger concept and turn it up a notch, offering delights such as the Rib & Cheese, a burger with, you guessed it, beef ribs, BBQ sauce and Monterey Jack cheese. There’s also the Luchador, a Mexican-style burger with salsa, jalapeños and nachos. This is a burger joint you’ll definitely want to visit more than once!

3. Honest Burger, Brixton Village 

There are now more than 10 Honest Burger restaurant across London, but Brixton Village is home to the original. Brixton has gone from a bit of a no-go area to one of the most vibrant places in the capital in recent years, so it’s fitting that an up-and-coming restaurant with delicious beef treats started out here.

4. The Fire Station, Waterloo Road

Set in a converted Edwardian fire station, The Fire Station doubles up as a bar which means it gets extra busy at weekends. The burgers are big and bold and have basics included such as chuck, brisket and dry-aged flank.

5. Dip & Flip, Battersea

If you enjoy burgers – and we’re assuming that you do – just as much as you like Sunday Roasts, then Dip & Flip is going to blow your mind and delight your tastes buds at the same time. Tantalising beef burgers with a side order of roast beef topside and gravy will definitely get mouths watering.

6. Tonguencheek, Brockley 

Tongue n’ Cheek is a pop-up burger joint with several locations around London, including a spot at Brockley Market every Saturday between 10am and 12pm. Menu highlights include Picante, a beef patty with spicy Italian soft salami.

7. Meatliquor, East Dulwich 

This one isn’t quite ready to open yet, but Meatliquor is such a popular burger bar that south London residents will be happy to know East Dulwich will be home to one before the end of the year. Meatliquor has become famous for its simple, yet genius concept, of burger and beer. And if you’re too impatient to wait for it to open, there’s even a cookbook available from the restaurant which gives you access to their tasty recipes.

No matter what your appetite for burgers is, south London has it covered. And if you’re thinking of moving south, have a look at our area guide to find the perfect place for you.




August 25, 2016 rentonomy Topical