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London Italia: the best pizza restaurants in London

By rentonomy on September 21, 2016

London enjoys a good relationship with Italians, with areas such as Farringdon and Clerkenwell being referred to as “Little Italy” in the past. There are also more than a few Italian restaurants in the capital – and while pasta is a popular choice of food, nothing beats a delicious pizza. But where do you go to find the…

St James's Park Lake – East from the Blue Bridge - 2012-10-06

Parks & Rec: London’s best open spaces

By rentonomy on September 14, 2016

Some may be surprised that a heavily built-up city like London offers vast amounts of lush open spaces to explore. Whether you want to find a picnic-perfect spot, unkempt terrain, or replicate a countryside stroll, you won’t be short of choices in the capital. Many renters prefer a location close to a park when searching for a property, which is why we’ve…


Everyone has their favourite room – for some it’s hang-out central, more commonly know as the kitchen; others enjoy the bedroom because that’s obviously where all the magic happens; the living room can’t be discounted due to the fact that it’s usually the biggest of all the rooms; and the bathroom is still a contender…


Most of us an idea of the type of place we want to live in when it comes to renting a home in London, along with a budget to match. We might require two bedrooms with an en-suite to the master; if there’s some garden space, great; hopefully the property’s relatively close to a transport station; and we can…


Electric nightclubs, lively bars, extravagant theatre shows and late-night restaurants – London really comes to life once the sun goes down. Unfortunately, it’s transport system can’t quite keep up with the 24/7 entertainment that makes this city so great. If you’re planning on staying out any later than 12.00am, options for getting home are limited to…


The hottest areas in London right now

By rentonomy on April 13, 2015

In this first of a series of quarterly articles, we look at which areas of London are the hottest. As you can see from the map, the popularity of the majority of London areas didn’t fluctuate much in the last quarter. However the clear pattern is that all the biggest movers and shakers are in…


I need a new credit card! Who owes what in London?

By rentonomy on January 22, 2015

This is the time of year when people renting in London start searching for telling phrases like “credit card deals” and “balance transfers”. For anyone who went a bit crazy over Christmas, now is when they might start thinking they need a new credit card. We wanted to know if personal debt is spread fairly…


The Google auto-complete map of London

By rentonomy on January 14, 2015

For this week’s article we’ve typed “why is [London area]…” into Google and for every area of central London to see what Google auto-completes. We then mapped the results for your viewing pleasure. If that doesn’t make you forget about the cold weather, high rents and crippling credit card debt, we don’t know what will….

London Rental Market forecasts 2015

By rentonomy on January 7, 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! It’s set to be a very exciting year both for London and the rental market as a whole with more of us feeling the effects of shifting market dynamics, new transport links and changes in supply. In this article highlight what we think will be the most important…


Planet London

By rentonomy on December 3, 2014

We all know London is full of people from all over the world. For many, that’s one of the best things about the city. The map here, using data from the 2011 UK census shows where the most common countries of birth are for Londoners born outside of the UK. The most common place of…