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Nearest rentals to London football clubs

Who wouldn’t want to be a Premier League footballer? We’ll happily take an average wage of just over £43k per week to do a bit of training every day and occasionally kick a ball around. Unfortunately, here at rentonomy we aren’t exactly blessed with the sporting gene. Instead we’ll have to join the other 4.7 billion people across the globe and make do with watching it on the ol’ telebox, or even better, at the ground.

But what if you want to take your passion for football that little bit further, not only watching the games but also living near the stadium of a Premier League team? In celebration of the 2016/17 Premier League season we’ve had a look at the areas that surround some of London’s Premier League football clubs.

Let the Eagles soar

Crystal Palace is about to enter its third consecutive season in the top flight – the longest Premier League run in the club’s history. If you’re a fan of the team also known as the Eagles, you’ll be happy to know that rents around the ground are slightly cheaper when compared to many other areas in London.

Selhurst Park, the official ground of Crystal Palace, is actually located in South Norwoord, where the average rental price for a two-bedroom property is around £247 per week. As far as London rentals go, this average is appealing: it’s 20% below the London average. You might even have some change left to buy a Crystal Palace season ticket.

Boring, boring Arsenal

If you reside in Highbury, not only do you have the benefit of living moments away from The Emirates, Arsenal’s 60,000-seater stadium, but you’re also very close to Angel and Islington, two of North London’s trendiest locations. The average rent in Highbury isn’t cheap, however, with one-bedroom properties costing around £299 per week, 19% higher than the London average. The price is surely worth it just to get a glimpse of Mesut Ozil setting up another team-mate for a glorious goal.

The hardcore fans amongst you should take a look at Highbury Stadium Square, a residential development that was formerly Arsenal’s old football ground. There’s even a two-acre garden where the pitch used to be. Almost as good as the real thing, right?

Are you a true Blue?

You could say Chelsea fans are stuck somewhere between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand they support a team located in one of London’s most sought after areas. Who wouldn’t want to live near the King’s Road, Fulham or Kensington?

On the other hand, property prices aren’t cheap, with the average rental for a two-bedroom home costing just under £675 per week. That’s a whopping 117% above the London average! Still, if you’ve got the cash, it’s worth it just to be near one of the best teams in Europe.

Tottenham digs

‘Forever in our shadow’ and ‘mind the gap’ is what the Arsenal fans often say to Tottenham supporters. However, after last season’s third-place finish the gap is narrower than ever. Throw in a move to a 61,000-seater stadium in 2019 – which will make be the second largest stadium in London – and Spurs’ supporters have many reasons to be excited.

The area of Tottenham is currently enjoying its place in the spotlight, too. In fact, it’s one of the go-to places for many buy-to-let landlords, as rental demand for property in the area increases. One-bedroom properties currently command around £207 per week, 15% lower than the London average. Get in while you can and support Tottenham Hotspur to glory, or at least hope they don’t Spurs it up. If you know, you know.

East End delights

It’s certainly exciting times for West Ham supporters as they enjoyed one of their best league finishes last year and can look forward to a move to the Olympic Stadium. Not only does it hold 60,000 fans, but it’s located in the vibrant area of Stratford.

This is great news for anyone wanting to live near the ground. Stratford has seen plenty of regeneration lately and boasts its very own Westfield shopping centre – you can’t ask for much more than that. An average two-bed property is around £291 per week, 6% lower than the London average. Happy house hunting, Hammers.

Watford, does that count? It sure does

Watford? But isn’t that up North? Well no, actually, it’s not. Us Londoners’ get a bit snobby about Watford, but it’s only a few miles outside of the London boundaries so we’re happy to include the Hornets as a London representation in the Premier League.

There’s also the added bonus of rental prices being considerably cheaper, with one-bedroom properties averaging less than £200 per week.  That means you can pay cheaper living costs in Watford than any other area where there’s a Premier League team in London.


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