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Where to live in london if you’re a young professional

If you’re a young professional and just about to move to London, there will be one big question on your lips; ‘where is the best area for me?’. In fact this question is just as pertinent for people already in London – how do you know another equally affordable area wouldn’t be more to your liking? As our lovely blog readers will know, there’s nothing we like more than matching people to their perfect area of town. We’ll get onto the city itself shortly, but first let’s think about who young professionals are and what they want.

Being near to central London is super important

As a young professional, you want to be able to commute easily and quickly to central London, not only is this vital for work but also you’ll want to be in the centre of everything. It also makes it easier to get across town for other transport connections or that vital meeting as you are generally very short on free time.

Admit it – the trendier the area the better…

While you might not be an initial trend setter (or maybe you will? Croydon-ho!), there’s a good chance that the areas with the best contemporary and edgy brand will be very appealing to you. These areas (i’m talking east end, urban decay funky town) might seem a bit too rough around the edges for rookies, but once you realise they’re fashionable, you’ll want to move there too and get the appropriate haircut.

Buzz is beautiful – where are the best restaurants, coffee shops and bars

Just in case you want to have a drink with friends or go for a date in the local Italian you’ll need to have lots of amenities on the doorstep rather than taking the time to travel to them.

Where do the other young professionals live in London?

People in your position normally like to live in the same areas as your peers which is totally understandable as some areas are no-brainers in terms of practicality.

Shops? Meh….

Being near shopping areas is nice, but at your stage of life they are not as important as restaurants, coffee shops and bars. These things become more important when you have kids. There should be good transport links to shopping areas but it’s not the highest priority.

What underground zones do young professionals prefer in London

It has to be central again, so we are saying London underground zones 1 and 2 anymore is too far out of central London.

These are broad-brush requirements for a typical young professional living in London, you can always add your own personal requirements to find the best place to live in London. So where is the best place to live for our young professional in London? Here is the list and a few great resources for places in those London areas that young professionals will be interested in. Obviously the most suitable areas do change so it is best to always check our free tool for where to live in London.

1. Mid Town, London

As the name suggests you are in the heart of London with the prestigious landmarks along with lots of things on your doorstep for entertainment and amenities. Although this is not a highly populated area there are some great properties you can find, they are not the most spacious but as a young professional you will not be in as the the bright lights are calling.

Some great places in Mid Town for young professionals: A great resource for things in Mid Town London, from a cycle vault to whats going to be happening over the coming years development. A retro styled dining room a great selection of food and drinks along with a deli to boot, if you want to try Mid Town try this place for the vibe. Stated as London’s oldest wine bar established in 1890, if you like a glass of wine after work this could be the place for you.

2. Whitechapel, London

Whitechapel is one of the most exciting parts of London and for many people represents a rare opportunity to live relatively close to the centre without breaking the bank. It has excellent transport links and all a young professional living in London needs.

Some great places in Whitechapel for young professionals: A great bar with frequent live music and comedy events, it even has a small garden and a great range of cocktails which makes it a perfect venue for meeting friends. An amazing Mexican restaurant with a sister site in Soho, this is an amazing place to dine out or having a large gathering.

Whitechapel market – A must visit if you are planning to live here it sells most things but mainly fruit, phonecards, pots and pans, fish, spices and cleaning products. there are some great grills to get a quick bite while doing some shopping.

3. Brixton, London

Brixton is becoming more popular with young professionals moving to London that are looking for a vibrant area, with trendy restaurants popping up and also a vibrant culture as it has some interesting Caribbean markets. It is also relatively cheaper than the other areas as it is still up and coming for young professionals living here, find more on the cost of renting in London Focused as a community market you are supporting local people by doing a bit of shopping here. There is a range of stalls daily with some amazing small food stalls and there are more event led markets on Saturdays so expect slight busier crowds but it is well worth the trip. There is a real party vibe at this place, with a great selection of cocktails and bites to eat. Another bonus is the events, such as the comedy night on Wednesday which is always worth a visit. This is not so much a secret around London anymore, this original pizza place is full of character, no bookings – just turn up and get served easily and quickly with a fresh great tasting pizza. It is really well priced and very authentic a taste worth visiting especially if you are planning on being a local.

4. Southbank, London

This area has some great museums and entertainment venues as well as the London Eye within it, along with easy transport links with Waterloo station based here. It lines the Thames so it can be popular with tourists as well but displays some fantastic views across London. A good pub with a nice rotation of craft beers, it also has an attached dining room with some lovely bites on the menu. You can also hire out the space in case you wanted to have a birthday bash. One of London’s most iconic theatres, it mainly revolves around a programme of Shakespeare’s works. This gives a unique experience to seeing one of the finest performances in London and can easily be revisited again and again. This London experience is slightly different, a RIB ride down the Thames (which is very fast). You get to see London from a different point of view and is a great way to show friends around with a rush of adrenalin.

5. New Cross, London

An upcoming area of London associated with Goldsmiths and University of London and we are starting to see more young professional are moving here. With its vibrant night scene and only a short trip from the Centre of London it is has a good balance and a friendly atmosphere. venue serves traditional English bites with a twist and you sit around a communal table which makes a welcoming atmosphere. They use fresh local ingredients so if you are thinking about living in this area why not try it to get a feel for things. This is a local legend, great pizzas at a very reasonable price in a place you will not forget. Eating in a red double decker bus surrounded by a terrace is a fantastic experience that is made only better by the other great Italian food on offer. If your after live acts this is the place, from live music and Comedy nights on a Monday evening, the atmosphere is amazing. You might feel you have gone back to university for a while but with more young professionals moving into the area this is a must visit for a Friday night.

Trying to find the right area for young professionals in London is not easy as all people are different and require different things. We would highly recommend using this free tool to see what areas match your individual requirements.

July 31, 2015 rentonomy Moving to the Capital